Why are Teenagers Getting Married So Soon?

The reasons for teenagers getting married so early in their lives are simple. Most are in love. Some teenagers are insecure and want a sense of belonging. Accidental pregnancy is also a reason for teen marriage.

Although marriage is a wonderful thing, it’s important to marry for the right reasons because teen marriages have a higher chance of failure.


This is by far the most logical reason for teenagers getting married. However, when you are young and inexperienced, you might not know what love really is. You have to realize that having a crush on someone can fool you into thinking that you are in love.

Typical examples that it’s a crush and not love would be: wanting to get married to that someone because he/she is popular; because he’s a sports hero; because she’s the hottest girl in school.

These are not legitimate reasons to marry a person because these qualities change. One day high school will be over and he might not be the most popular guy that you know anymore or she might not be the ‘hottest’ girl that you know.

You need to understand that the love that is required for marriage is unconditional love.


“Oh no, there’s a baby on the way. We have to get married.” This is one of the leading reasons for teenagers getting married. If your girlfriend is pregnant it’s not to say that you should get married. Back in the 50’s and 60’s it might have been seen as the right thing to do but today you have other options.

You can have an abortion. You can give the baby up for adoption like in the movie “Juno”. You can raise the child as a single parent. These are options you should take time to research and get counseling on. Marriage is not a solution to an unplanned pregnancy.

Insecurity and a Sense of Belonging

This is another significant reason for teenagers getting married so early in their lives. The solution here is that you need to work on yourself. You need to think about your insecurities and weaknesses and try to find a solution for each. Read; speak to your teacher; see a psychologist or social worker. They will help you with your insecurities.

We all want to belong and feel secure. There are many ways to get these qualities. You can join a club or society or do volunteer work. As you “get out there”, you’ll make friends and start feeling confident. You’ll find that you don’t need to rely on your boyfriend or girlfriend for your emotional wellbeing. Marriage is not the solution for wanting to get rid of your insecurity.

Ultimatum -“It’s now or never!”

If your girlfriend or boyfriend says this to you then it means that they don’t understand what love is. If he really loves you then he’ll understand that there’s no need to rush into marriage. Heck, he’s loved you all this time, why does he now need you to marry him in order for him to continue loving you.

So ask yourself: does he really love me? You need to know that teenage marriages have a high failure rate. Waiting improves your chance of success.

“A girl married at 17 is twice as likely to get divorced than a girl that marries at 18 or 19.” Eleanor H. Ayer in her book Teen Marriage


There are a number of important factors to consider before getting married. Do you share the same interests (music, hobbies)? Do you have similar goals in life? Do you respect his friends? Do you like her mother? Do you get along well with his/her family and friends? Do you have the same understanding about money? Do you respect each other’s career goals?

Are you best friends and do you respect each other? And most importantly: Is it unconditional love?

Remember, a wrong decision is a decision made in haste. So take your time in making up your mind because true love never dies. You’ll still be together anyway right?

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