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Common Teen Eating Disorders

There are three teen eating disorders. They are easy to identify because the teen is still living at home. Without proper treatment, they cause illness and eventually death.

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Teen Relationships: Causes of Problems in Teen Relationships

Teen relationships are a lot of fun. But they can also hurt. One day you're going out and the next day you get dumped. It is common for them to develop quickly and fall apart just as quickly

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Having a Stepmom or a Stepdad

It is hard to accept a stepmom or a stepdad as a parent at first. But becoming a stepfamily can be a good thing. It can make you feel part of a family again

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Teen Love – The Lowdown

Teen love is no different from adult love when it is real. So how do you tell the difference between a crush and real love? Read on to find out

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Teen Dating – Cool Tips and Advice

Here is the lowdown on teen dating. Everything you need to know. How to ask someone out to making the move for the first kiss

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Ways to Prevent Teen Suicide

Teen suicide is a very serious and sad problem. The saddest thing about it is that the suicidal teens does not want to die. They want someone who will understand

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Suicide Myths and Facts

There are many suicide myths but the bottom line is that suicide is a serious issue which should be dealt with factually. Here is a list of common suicide myths and facts.

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Puberty in Girls – The Transition into Womanhood

Puberty in girls is characterized by skeletal growth as well as the development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics. It usually begins at age 12.

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