Teenagers and Alcohol
Stay A Non-Drinker
or Quit

Teenagers and alcohol is a combination which can lead to failure in life or loss of life for the drinking teenager. In this article you 'll find advice on what to watch out for so that you don 't end up drinking. You 'll also find advice on how to give up the bottle.

Peer Pressure

You will see your friends drinking and you feel pressure to drink because you want to fit in. No one wants to be the odd one out. But allowing peer pressure to rule your life is a weakness.

Your friends will probably tell you that drinking is harmless. They will tell you that alcohol is not a drug and that you can 't get hooked on it. But the truth is that it 's easy to become an alcoholic.


Advertisements show alcohol as being cool to drink. They show images of young people enjoying themselves at cool places.

alcohol advert showing a young embracing couple

The adverts lie to guys by indirectly saying that you 'll get a lot of girls if you drink that particular drink. They lie to women by kind of saying that it 's sexy and fashionable to drink certain drinks. This is called social conditioning or brainwashing.

Well I 've got bad news folks. The adverts are lying. Don 't believe them!

Drinking makes you age faster. Drinking beer gives you a beer-belly. I 'm sure you 've seen all those men with fat stomachs. This means that drinking won 't make you look sexy like the TV says.

The combination of teenagers and alcohol? A bad one as far as I'm concerned. Not if you wanna stay healthy and look young.

"First you take a drink, then the drink takes a drink, then the drink takes you." -- Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald

The Teenagers and Alcohol Combination Consequences

Teenagers and alcohol is not a good combination because it can lead to serious consequences. Drinking makes you care less about your schoolwork and your grades will fall. It makes you unfit and do badly in sports.

Some people have arguments with others when they 're drunk. They even fight with the people that they love. Most physical fights happen when people are drunk.

You can die or kill someone from drinking and driving.

Positive Steps

SADD logo

You can join a group called SADD if you want to stay a non-drinker. You can also join if you want to quit drinking. This is also a cool club to join if you want to get cool friends who don 't drink.

I used to think that I was too cool for support groups until I joined one. It turned out to be fun. I met people who think like me. I still keep in touch with some of them two years down the line. Imagine that: getting a girlfriend or a boyfriend who shares the same values as you.

SADD started in 1981. SADD originally stood for Students Against Driving Drunk. It now stands for Students Against Destructive Decisions.

Their mission is to prevent underage drinking and to provide students with ways so as not to use drugs and drink alcohol.

They teach about the consequences of drinking and using drugs and the consequences of drunk driving.


If you don 't want to drink then don 't drink. Stay away from friends who drink or do drugs because they will influence you to do the same. Make your own decisions. Don 't let your friends make decisions for you. It 's your life. Teenagers and alcohol is a bad combination.

If you feel shy at parties then join a club at school or outside school. It must be a club where you will have to address a group or a crowd. Practice socializing. Talk to more people during the day. There 's no pressure then. You 'll be ready to socialize when it 's time for a party.

Also, if you 're shy then you can volunteer for the next school play or join the school choir or start playing a musical instrument.

If you drink because you 're bored then get a life. Join a club or start doing sports or join an art class and make some friends. Think of something positive that you can dedicate yourself to and make it happen. Go the gym; play sports; volunteer for the next school play; start a cool website that can make you money. The list goes on. Just use your imagination.

Teenagers and alcohol aren 't supposed to go together. If you are going to drink, then start drinking when you 're an adult. This must be a decision that you make on your own. It 's your life.

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