Why the Teenage Divorce Rate Is High

The teenage divorce rate is high because of the obvious reason that the individuals marry too young. There are also other causes that are not teen specific. These other causes are the reasons for divorce in adult marriages.

Married Too Young

The disadvantage of marrying young is that you hardly know yourself. You also don't know your partner that well either. School, fitting in and being cool are a teenagers biggest worries. What happens is that as you grow older and meet new people, your views on life and your partner change.

A girl might marry because she is insecure in high school. After high school she might get some qualifications and a job and her dependency on her husband changes. This might lead to a divorce.

Money Issues

This is one of the major causes for the high teenage divorce rate. Marrying as teenagers often leads to the teenagers dropping out of school to get jobs. However, because they are not qualified and have no experience, they are unable to find high paying jobs.

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This makes it difficult to support a household because the couple now needs to worry about paying for things such as electricity and water – things they didn't need to worry about while living with their parents. This lack of money often leads to arguments and eventually a divorce.

Not Understanding the Seriousness of Marriage

Most teenagers who marry don't fully grasp the meaning of commitment. A commitment means that you promise to stick to your decision no matter what – “for better and for worse”.

Most teenage relationships exist to fulfill a certain need or desire. Once that need is no longer there then the commitment disappears. So most teenage relationships are temporary – another cause of the high teenage divorce rate.

Pressure from Others

Pressure from family and friends is also a cause of teenage divorce. Parents might think that he's not good for her because he made her drop out of school. His friends might not like her because they feel that she stole their friend. This plays a role in the teenage divorce rate because teens are susceptible to peer pressure.

Unknown Habits

Sometimes you might only discover a person's bad habits once you start living with them. You might not like some of these habits. This might lead to petty arguments which build up over time.


Sometimes you can feel lonely in a marriage. You want to spend time with your partner but you find that most of the time they are at work. And when they do get home, they are too tired to spend time with you. She might want to sleep or he may just want to eat and watch TV. This problem not only causes a high teenage divorce rate but is also a cause of divorce in adult marriages. It often leads to cheating as well.

"More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse. " -- Doug Larson

Time Spent With Friends and Family

He might not be giving her enough time to spend with her friends. She might not like it when he goes to visit his parents. It is important to give each other time to spend with other people.

Not Enough Giving

Sometimes you find that one partner is doing all they can to keep the marriage happy but the other partner is not putting in enough effort. This is often the case when the one partner doesn't apologize when they are wrong. He also might not say he loves you often.


My advice to teenagers that are married is that although you have married young, be patient with your partner. Communication is very important. You need to tell your partner that you love and appreciate him. Must also tell him about the things you don't like.

The marriage needs to stay fresh so give each other space. Also, don't fall into the habit of doing the same things when you're together. This way you will always have something new to talk about.

It's also important to keep studying. Life will continue to be tough if you have no qualifications. So at least finish high school. If you have a baby, then let your parents take care of the baby while you focus on your studies. Of course this can only happen if you have support from your family.

To avoid your marriage from adding to the already high teenage divorce rate, you need to listen to advice from sensible people that you respect. Talk to your local priest or rabbi or a social worker or a psychologist. These people will give you a professional view on things.

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However, don't take one person's advice as the gospel truth. Speak to other people that are important to you to get another perspective. This way you'll get more than one opinion. Also, speak to your husband about this new advice so that you can improve things.

Marriage is not easy but your marriage can be successful. Some teenage marriages make it. These people are still in love with each other 20 years down the road.

I hope your marriage will not be another statistic of the high teenage divorce rate.

I wish you all the best. :)

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