Ways to Prevent Teen Suicide

Teen suicide is a very serious and sad problem. For the suicidal teen, the pain can be so great that the only solution he/she sees is by killing him/herself. However, suicide is not a way of solving a problem. It is a way of escape.

The saddest thing about adolescent suicide is that the suicidal teen doesn’t really want to die. What they truly want is for someone to show that they care and understand.


Ways to Detect a Suicidal Teen:

  • Talks about death and says that she wants to die
  • Starts using drugs, including alcohol and smoking cigarettes
  • Stops doing things which give her pleasure such practicing her hobby
  • Becomes withdrawn, staying away from friends and family
  • Starts giving away his favourite possessions such as his CD collection
  • Becomes moody
  • Starts being reckless with her life doing things such as drinking and driving

What to Do to Prevent Adolescent Suicide: As a Friend of the Suicidal Teen or as a Parent

  • Call for help IMMEDIATELY
    • This is the time to bring in a qualified adult. I have listed these authorities at the bottom of this page.
  • Remove all drugs and weapons
    • It’s important that there are no dangers in your teen’s/friend's living environment that she could harm herself with.
  • DON’T brush the problem off
    • Realize that your suicidal friend/child is suffering so don’t try to brush it off by saying that it’s no big deal. Don’t say that she’ll get over it. This will only make her feel more alone. Realize that adolescent suicide exists.
    • Also, do not try to cheer your friend/child up too much. This will lead her to think that you don’t understand her pain.
    • Call a qualified professional instead.
  • Be a good friend
    • Even if your friend makes you promise not to tell anyone about his condition, DO TELL. He might not like you for doing this. Later, he will thank you for saving his life.
  • Keep in touch
    • A suicidal person needs to know that people care about her. So keep in touch. Call, stop by, email etc. to show that you care. Be supportive.
silhouette of suicidal boy facing down in a dark room

People to Talk to Prevent Teen Suicide: As a Suicidal Teen

  • Call a suicide hotline (US numbers only)
  • A doctor
  • A school councilor (guidance teacher) or a normal teacher
  • A social worker
  • A priest or rabbi


Teen suicide is preventable – it must just be spotted early. A suicidal person doesn't really want to die. He wants to live without the pain, the psychological pain. I would recommend getting a psychiatrist involved as early as possible.

It is very important to speak to the suicidal person with a deep, wanting-to-understand attitude.

At the end of the day, the formula boils down to pyschiatric help, wanting to understand, kindness, compassion and caring.

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