Causes of Problems in Teen Relationships

Teen relationships can be a lot of fun. They can bring a lot of happiness and special moments. You go to the movies. You go ice-skating. You talk about your dreams and how much you hate a particular teacher.

But teenage relationships can also hurt. One day you are going out with someone and the next day you get dumped. It’s common for them to develop quickly and fall apart just as quickly.

Everyone Changes

It’s only natural for people to change. This is especially true with teenagers. Each day we are faced with new options. Each day we make new decisions.

During your teenage years you go through puberty. You are changing emotionally and socially.

We all grow at different paces - emotionally and socially. This makes us think in different ways. This is why you and your friend have different opinions. This is why you sometimes argue with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

Unrealistic Expectations

Romantic teenage relationships tend to be airy-fairy. Teens tend to have unrealistic expectations about the other person or the relationship. If you find yourself upset or disappointed in a relationship then you had unrealistic expectations. To avoid this, you must have realistic expectations.

Always leave room for disappointment!

Peer Pressure

Teenagers are easily influenced. Your boyfriend or girlfriend might start being influenced by his or her friends. He or she might breakup with you. Her friends might say “He’s a loser”. His friends might say “She’s ugly”.

teen couple about to kiss

Different Levels of Commitment

Teen relationships are most affected by this. A teen gives different levels of commitment to each relationship. Mature teens realize that commitment is important. These relationships last. Other relationships end painfully because the teens had different levels of commitment.

Not all relationships last forever. Teen relationships can end suddenly. This is because most teenage relationships are temporary. They only exist to fulfill a certain need or desire. Once that need is no longer there, then the commitment disappears.


Teen relationships are great. They are fun. My advice though is that you shouldn’t take them seriously. If you’re in love then enjoy it. But don’t expect it to last forever.

This is because you’re still young. You’re still going to meet a whole lot of new people. You both might change your minds. Mind you, some teenagers strike gold. They end up getting married. This is rare though.

My advice is that you should always leave room for disappointment.

Be committed to yourself first. Have your own life. Don’t stop seeing your friends be cause you’re in a relationship. Don’t lose yourself in your girlfriend or boyfriend. Stick to your dreams, goals and priorities.

If you do this then it won’t hurt as much when things start to fall apart.

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