Teen Marriage – Questions and Answers

Teen marriage has always been around. This article will provide answers to questions that a teenager that’s thinking about marriage may ask.

What is the History of Teenage marriage?

Teenage marriage has been around since the time when wild poodles roamed the earth. In some countries and cultures, teenage marriage happens because of arranged marriages. In the times before the 20th century, teenage marriage was encouraged. This was because children were used as labor.

In underdeveloped countries teenage marriage still takes place because some of these countries still use child labor.

What Are the Laws on Teen marriage?

Each country has it's own marriageable age. Click this link to find out.

Why Does Teen Marriage Still Happen?

Some teenagers marry because they are in love. Others get married because the girl is pregnant. Some times teen marriage takes place because the teens are insecure and want a sense of belonging.

Other times it’s because there’s pressure. This pressure can be put on the couple because their parent or friends say that they’ve been together for long and so they should marry. Or it can be from one of the teens in the relationship who says that they either get married or it’s over.

You can read the article 'Why Are Teenagers Getting Married So Soon' for more information.

Teenage Marriage Success – How Can We Make It Work?

For your teenage marriage to be successful you need to ask yourself the following questions before you tie the knot:

teen couple with their hands in each others back pockets

How well do I know this person?

Most people who are married will tell you that their partner is their best friend. There must always be friendship and respect for a successful marriage. Also you need to know each others good and bad habits before moving in together.

Do I Trust This Person? Do I Respect This Person?

Trust and respect are the most important elements in a marriage. Love is based on trust, respect, attraction and passion. Attraction and passion are more on the physical side of things. Trust and respect are psychological.

Imagine your husband coming home late all the time. Would you trust that he’s not seeing someone else? If your wife is friends with another guy would you trust that they are just friends?

Trust is very important. You need to take the time to get to know this person before marrying him/her. Take your time, there’s no rush.

"Sometimes I wonder if men and women really suit each other. Perhaps they should live next door and just visit now and then." -- Katherine Hepburn

Do I Respect His/Her Family and Friends?

It’s very important to respect the people that are important to him/her. These are the people who are there to help support your young marriage. These are the people you’ll be making memories with. Wouldn’t you like both your friends and families to come to your wedding and to your child’s first birthday party?

Do we share common goals?

Hey, what’s a marriage without a plan? When you get married you become a team. One of the roles that you each play is to support and encourage each other. An example of a similar goal may be having a goal about your family’s financial future.

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Is our love unconditional?

When you say your vows, the words “for better or for worse” are said. This means that your love has to be unconditional. Will you be willing to stand by your partner’s side if he/she loses his job? What about if one of you falls sick for a long time? Will you still be there?

Marriage is a lifetime commitment to your partner. It should be taken seriously.

How Do I Know That I’m ready For Marriage?

Please read the article, 'Why Are Teenagers Getting Married So Soon' for info.


Teen marriage is not easy. But the good news is that some teens pull it off. Being in love with the person that you married in high school, when you’re 50 years old, is a blessing. But it takes work. You need to be loyal to each other and be able to solve problems together.

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