Teen Love – The Lowdown

Teen love is no different from adult love when it is real. So how do you tell the difference between a crush and real love? Read on to find out...


A crush is imagined love. You feel love for a person you don’t really know. This makes it fake love.

You have an imaginary relationship with this person. You imagine how a conversation between the two of you would play out. You have all sorts of fantasies about this person.

A crush can become so intense that you start to believe that you know this person.

cartoon of a girl looking at a heart above her

You can have a crush on a pop star or a movie celebrity. Some girls even have crushes on their local priests.

Most people call this teenage love – nothing more than a crush. And to a large scale this is probably true with most teenagers.

The Real Deal

But teen love can actually turn out to be real love. Some people get married in their teens. Not because they get pregnant but because they really love each other.

Since teenagers are people just like adults then they must be able to fall in love too right? This is true. You love your parents and they love you unconditionally.

You love your best friend even though you may have disagreements at times. Although a friendship is conditional, you can still love your best friend because he/she has been there through your highs and lows.

couple in love sitting on a bench

The common thing about loving your family and your best friend is that you’ve known them for a long time.

When you date a person for a long time, you build a friendship with that person. You get to know each other. When I say a long time, I mean more than two years. You go through highs and lows together.

You then find that “teen love” disappears. You are now left with two teenagers who are in love. This is when teen love is real, just like adult love.


Love is a word that’s often misused. Love is a very powerful emotion. It builds over time.

Love is when you have deep sense of respect, admiration, trust, attraction and passion for your partner. This is the only time when you should use the word. This is when it stops being “teen love”...when it's no longer a crush.

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