Teen Depression – There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel

Teen depression can be caused by a number of things: hormonal changes, environmental changes, relationship changes can all cause it. Independence conflicts between you and your parents also play a role.

You need to understand that depression is not permanent. It can be cured. Here are some ways of dealing with depression…

Types of Depression

Teen depression ranges from minor depression to major depression.

Minor depression has symptoms of sadness, anxiety, pessimism and crying. It is usually caused by a breakup of a relationship; loss of a job or failure at school.

silhoutette of a depressed boy

Major depression is caused by a death in the family or a divorce or a hormonal imbalance. Its symptoms are deep sadness, helplessness, insomnia, loss of self-esteem, guilt, headaches and loss of appetite. The person also loses her interest in life.

Minor depression and major depression are usually cured with therapy. But in some cases of major depression medication must be taken.

Recognize Your Feelings

Whether you’re a teenager or an adult it is important to recognize your feelings while you’re depressed. Why am I angry? Is it because I didn’t get selected for the team? Am I angry at my boyfriend? Am I angry because we moved? Am I angry at myself?

Even when you’re no longer depressed it is a good idea to learn to recognize your emotions. You do this so that you know when you’re about to go into depression.


Write a letter

Write a letter and address it “Dear Diary” or to the person that’s hurt you. Use “Dear Diary” if it’s an event. An example would be failing at school.

If you need to let out dark and negative emotions then don’t be afraid to write them down. This is a good idea because the whole point is to let out these emotions which are hurting you. Don’t post the letter. It’s for you.

Writing a letter will help you identify your emotions. Sometimes it’s other feelings which lead to teen depression. Think about them. Write them down. Make yourself the main character. How do you feel? When did these feelings start? How long have you had them? What do they remind you of?

Talk to someone

Talking to someone has two advantages. It lets you sort out your feelings and it lets you express them.

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When you talk you also get a different perspective on things. The person who you talk to might view the situation in a different way. They might suggest a solution which you haven’t thought of.

The person that you talk to must be someone that you trust and respect. You don’t want to talk someone that gossips. You also don’t want to talk to someone that will make fun of your feelings. You don’t want to talk to someone that will make your feelings seem unimportant. And you don’t want to talk to a person that will say that you’re weak or soft.

You can talk to someone that’s close to you such as an understanding parent; a trusted family member or a trusted friend.

Professionals such as school counselors and psychologists are also good.

You can look up organizations that help with teen depression on the internet and call them. You can also call the Suicide Hotline if it’s an emergency. All emergency numbers can be found on the first few pages your local phone directory.

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Take Care of Your Health

When you’re depressed it’s also important to keep yourself busy and healthy.

  • Eat healthy foods
  • Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night
  • Eat fruits and carrot sticks for snacks
  • Exercise. Your body releases hormones called endorphins after you’ve exercised. These hormones make you happy.
  • Participate in extra-murals. Join a club or an organization. Volunteer for charity work. Paint. Take tennis lessons. Learn how to play golf. Try out for the next school play. Take up Kungfu or Karate.


Teen depression is something which must be taken seriously.

When you’re going through a depression it’s important to:

  1. Find out as much information as you can about depression. Read books. Surf the internet.
  2. Talk about how you’re feeling with someone that you trust and respect. A friend; a school counselor; parents; your brother; your sister or a therapist.
  3. DON’T USE DRUGS OR ALCOHOL. They will just deepen your sadness. Drugs are not a solution. They are a problem.

If a friend tells you that they are thinking of suicide then tell a responsible adult about it.

Depression is not a permanent problem. If you’re depressed it doesn’t mean that you’re weak. Everyone goes through it at least once in their lives. Reaching out for help is the first step in curing depression.

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