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How do I ask someone out?

Let that person know that you’re interested by giving him/her special attention. Smiling at them, for instance, will do. Once you’ve got his/her attention then start a casual conversation.

You need to be relaxed so that this person will enjoy talking to you. Take your time with the conversation and enjoy it. Once you feel that it’s the right time then ask her/him out.

Teenage Dating Question: What if the person I ask out says no?

If the person you ask out says he/she is not interested then you shouldn’t take it personally. Do not let this lower your self-esteem. There are many other people out there who can make you happy so don’t think there’s something wrong with you.

Also, don’t ask this person out again.

If that person asks you out at a later date then I would advise you say no because they could be leading you on and break your heart later on. Sometimes you may find that it’s a good thing that that person said no. Maybe you would have found that you don’t share the same interests and that might lead to a painful breakup. Blessings sometimes come in disguises.

Teen Dating Question: What if the person says he/ she is busy?

If the person says he/she is busy when you ask him/her out then gather up the courage to ask again another day. If he/she says the same thing the next time then it’s time to move on.

Teen Dating Question: Is double dating or group dating cool?

Yes. If you’re shy about going out on a one-on-one date then this is a good idea. It’s also a good idea if you think you’ll run out of conversation with your date. When you’re asking someone out on a group date then say: “Hey, my friends and I are going to the movies (or what ever you’ll be doing) on Saturday. Do you wanna come?” Tell him/her that he/she can invite his/her friends because it’ll be fun.

Teenage Dating Question: Who should pay for the date?

Some guys feel that they should pay for the date. I think that girls should contribute and pay 50% of the bill. This leaves you with no obligations to the guy. Once you are a steady couple then you can take turns at paying the bill.

Teenage Dating Question: Who should make the move for the first kiss?

Any of you can make the move. I advise that you give the hint that you want to kiss the guy/girl on the second or third date. This is all about instinct. If you think you are having a good time like lots of conversation and laughing, then make the move.

Teen Dating Question: What should I expect the first kiss to be like?

The first kiss is always awkward. When you are having the first kiss, try to go with the flow of the person who pulled the move. You can talk later about how you like to be kissed.

"This girl said "Yes" when I wasn't ready. I kissed her lightly and got so dizzy I had to sit down." -- Antonio Banderas

Teen Dating Question: How far should we go on or after the first date?

Kissing and cuddling are cool and it’s cool if you stop there. You might not be ready to have sex. Don’t be pressured by your date. If you want to stop, then stop. Also, you must make up your mind before the date so that you don’t do something you’ll later regret.

If you’re thinking about having sex, then this is really importation information to know: Age is a major thing to think about when thinking about having sex. If you think you’re too young to have sex then don’t do it! If you don’t feel ready then don’t do it.

You need to be informed about sex if you’re going to have it. Do you know how to use a condom? Do you know about Sexually Transmitted Diseases? Do you know about Aids? What if you become pregnant? Are you ready to be a parent? These are all the things that can happen because of sex. You need to be cautious about having sex at such a young age.

Teenage Dating Question: How do I say no to someone without hurting his feelings?

You must realize that saying no to someone you’re not interested in, will be good for the both of you in the long run. Trust your instincts and don’t force yourself because chances are you’ll hurt that person later on. Give that person a genuine reason but don’t be cruel. If you’re focusing on your studies then say so. If you’re not attracted to him/her then say so.

Teenage Dating Question: What is the right age to begin dating?

There is no specified age for a teen to start dating. You must only begin dating when you feel you are ready. This is because we all develop differently socially and emotionally.

Teen Dating Question: Can a girl ask a guy out?

Yes. A girl has much a right to ask a guy out. Women’s roles in society have changed and women have the same rights as men.

Teen Dating Question: Is a crush the same as love?

A crush is imagined love. You feel love for a person you don’t really know. This makes it fake love.

You have an imaginary relationship with this person. You imagine how a conversation between the two of you would play out. You have all sorts of fantasies about this person.

Warning! If you are going out with a person you have a crush on and they don’t feel the same way about you, this can be hazardous to your emotions. He/She might not give you the treatment which you give him/her. Take time to notice signs of mistreatment and emotional abuse. Talk to a trusted friend when you’re dating. She/He can bring you back to reality.

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