Suicide Myths and Facts

  • Suicide Myths: It usually happens without warning

    1. No. There are usually warning signs before an attempt. The suicidal person usually talks about killing himself; either jokingly or directly. The suicidal person is usually depressed and withdrawn from friends and family.

  • Myths: People who talk about killing themselves never do

    1. No. People who are suicidal are reaching out for help. If they feel that they are alone and that nobody cares then they may kill themselves.

  • Suicide Myths: A person who seems to get better after a suicide attempt will never try to kill himself again

    1. No. Some people that have tried to kill themselves do try again. Not all though. This depends on the effectiveness of the coping skills that the once suicidal person received from counseling for his problem. Also, the support that the person receives is important.

  • Myths: People who are suicidal can’t be talked out of it

    1. No. People who are suicidal don’t want to die. They just need someone to help them out of their pain. They need to know that they are not alone and that there’s someone who cares and understands.

  • Suicide Myths: It is hereditary.

    1. No. It’s understandable that if someone in your family kills herself you’ll be psychologically affected. But this does not guarantee that you’ll kill yourself later in life. There is no gene that determines if a person will be suicidal.

  • Myths: People who are suicidal are just looking for attention

    1. No. People who are suicidal are in need of immediate help. They don’t want to die and so they try to reach out in different ways. This is not the kind of attention seeking that one would think of. It is a plea for help.

There are many other myths but the bottom line is that suicide is a serious issue which should be dealt with directly and factually.

If you are feeling suicidal just know that you are not alone. Help is close by. You just need to act positively. There are many hotline numbers that you can dial to get help. (Unfortunately the link is only for US mental health associations.)

If you live outside the US then search for suicide and depression hotlines in your local phone directory. They are usually listed in the first few pages of the directory.

You should call a friend or a family member if you need immediate help.

You only get to live once. Time heals all wounds. That’s a guarantee.

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