Sex before Marriage
A Personal Choice
How to Decide

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Deciding on having sex before marriage is a personal choice. No one can force you to not do it. However, there are some things to consider...

How to Decide

Sometimes, after you've dated someone for a while, you might start having feelings for that person. Sex, with us humans, is a natural way for us to express these deep feelings.

Some religious groups, like Catholics and others, forbid having sex before marriage. They say it's a sin to do it.

It gets kinda tricky with religion because you don't want to sin and have your god upset with you. So what do you do?

... the answer's completely up to you.

My advice is that if you have made a decision to be faithful to your god and dedicated to worship then delay having sex. However, if that decision was made for you then it's another story all together. BUT…, before you put your rabbit costume on just yet, there are a couple of things to consider…

You need to be above the age of consent to have legal sex. The age of consent is there to protect you from being exploited by adults. It is very important to abide by this law or else you or your partner could get arrested for statutory rape. Statutory rape is when you have sex with someone who's below the legal age.

The age of consent is different for each country and sometimes each state. Click here to see if you are at or above the legal age.

Also, you need to be emotionally mature if you're going to have sex. It's all well and good to qualify legally, but the decision of having sex before marriage can still be hard to make... even though you're not religious.

For instance…

Some people want to marry a virgin. Does this mean that these people should also not have sex before marriage? Surely, if they do then they'd have double standards?

Surely, it's safe to say that, you can't expect to marry a virgin if you've had sex. That's just not fair!


As a teenager it's kinda difficult to not have sex before marriage because most of what prominent media shows is either sex or violence or both. Think about the movies, music videos, TV series and most magazines. They all sell sex.

However, you need to think about how you'll feel on your wedding day knowing that you didn't hold true to your personal values.

"So what's the conclusion of this shagging talk?" :)

First of all, you need to be at or above the legal age.

If yes, then think about how you'll feel afterwards. Will you have gone against your values – whether religious, cultural or personal?

If you feel that you can live with yourself afterwards then know that...

There is no right or wrong. It's your choice. It's you life. But you must live with the consequences of your own decisions.

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