Puberty in Boys – The Transition into Manhood

Puberty in boys usually begins at about age 14 as opposed to age 12 in girls. However, it can happen earlier.

Skeletal Growth

boy shaving

Boys gain height very rapidly. Boys can even grow six inches in height in a single year.

In the first stages, boys gain height more than they do muscle mass and that’s what makes boys look so lean. This gain in height is also accompanied by growth of the hands and feet. This is why teenage boys may look awkward. This also makes boys feel clumsy and weird.

Sexual Characteristics

diagram of the development of a boy's sexual characterists

This stage of development is also characterized by the growth of the penis and testes. This is important as these are the organs which fertilize a woman’s egg. This is what makes you a man. This usually begins around the ages 13 and 14.

A boy will also begin to grow facial hair during the stages of puberty. This will also be accompanied by the growth of pubic hair. This is the hair around the sexual organs.

Body hair will also grow. The teenage boy’s hairline will also change from being straight to being indented. Puberty in boys is also strongly characterized by the deepening of the voice. This is often referred to as the breaking of the voice.

All of these changes are controlled by a sex hormone call testosterone. Testosterone is one of the androgen hormones. Guys are usually hairier than girls because they have more of these androgen hormones than girls.

Erection and Ejaculation

Most boys begin to have erections at age 12. However, this is not to say that puberty has begun.

The midpoint of puberty in boys is marked by the first ejaculation. Ejaculation is when semen is released through the penis from the testes. Semen is what fertilizes a woman’s egg and thus makes her pregnant. It is made up of sperm and seminal fluid. The first ejaculation usually takes place at night. This is commonly known as a “wet dream”.


Between the ages 13 and 16 the sperm begins to mature. Boys are warned not to have unprotected sex as they can easily impregnate a girl even at such a young age.


Boys experience more growth during their young adolescent lives than do girls and that’s why men are usually taller than women. This physical growth in boys lasts all the way to the age of 21 whereas girls stop growing around ages 15 and 17.

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