Why People Smoke Marijuana – Facts and Alternatives

Marijuana is a mind-altering drug. It is a thief of dreams and ambition. People have wasted their lives by smoking cannabis. Teenagers (and adults) mostly smoke it because they think that it makes them relax and be creative. Here are the all the reasons why people smoke cannabis.


Some people say that cannabis relaxes them...it makes them chill out.

a cannabis leaf


Cannabis changes the chemical structure of your brain and blood make up. You think that you are relaxed because your senses are changed.

However, your heart beat goes up when smoking cannabis. Your blood vessels relax and that causes stress to the body. And so, in truth, your body isn't relaxed. It's just that your senses have been distorted.


Safe ways to relax include meditating or doing breathing exercises. These ways of relaxing are free.

Another way to distress is to do recreation. Going to the gym, playing a sport, doing yoga or joining a martial arts class are just a few alternatives.

teenager smoking marijuana


Some people believe that they can handle any situation when they've smoked marijuana.


Marijuana gives you a false sense of confidence. People behave differently when they've smoked. The truth is that you are a bit psychotic when you're high. You lose touch with reality. Some people become paranoid.

People who haven't smoked can usually detect that you've smoked because people usually act stupid when they're high.


Take up public speaking or debating. Take up anything where you'll be forced to address a group of people. Other examples could be participating in the school play, joining the school choir or joining a band. Obviously you'll have to learn to play a music instrument in order to be part of a band unless of course if you can sing.

Playing sports is also an option because you'll have to play in front of a crowd.

Emotional Pain

Some people marijuana smoke because they are emotionally hurt. Maybe someone they love dearly, like a parent, has died. Maybe their parents are getting a divorce or maybe they have just gone through a breakup. Some children are abused at home. Or maybe an adult has lost a job.


If you're going through psychological pain smoking marijuana not the solution. You might think that it eases the pain and that it lets you escape and that may be true. However, when you come down from your high you will feel even more depressed. This is because this is another effect of marijuana. It makes you depressed!

cartoon of a client getting therapy from a psychologist


See a psychologist if you're going through emotional pain. There are also social workers, priests and rabbis to talk to if you can't afford to see a psychologist. If you're in school then you can talk to a school counselor.

Acceptance with Friends

group of teenagers smoking cannabis

Teenagers and young adults usually smoke marijuana because a friend will say it's cool to smoke weed. “It makes you feel relaxed and creative”, they'll say.


Someone who offers you a joint or any other type of drug is not your friend. That person knows it's wrong to smoke it because it damages your brain and body. That person just wants you to smoke it so that everyone smokes. They think that if everyone smokes then it can't be that wrong after all.


If one of your friends offers you a joint then it's time to make new friends. Join a club or an extramural class, play sports or take up martial arts. By getting involved in positive activities you'll meet positive thinking people. They'll build you up into a better person instead of dragging you into a pit.

a multicoloured brain


Some people say that they become more creative after smoking it. “The music sounds better. Colors look brighter. I see the colors and the music for what they truly are.”


It alters your mind. The truth is that it is actually destroying your brain cells. You think the music sounds better when smoking it but the truth is that you are far from the truth. Your senses have been altered.


Creativity takes practice. Keep practicing to master your style. As you do this you're bound to come across new ways of doing things. This is true creativity.

True creativity does not need drugs.

Mystic Levels

purple sky with a full moon and the ocean underneath

There are some teenagers and young adults who are into mysticism. These people talk about finding the meaning of life or getting in touch with their higher intelligence and so on. They think that it will uplift their minds into these states.


It clouds and distorts your perception of truth. When you are high, your mind is altered and that removes you from truth and intelligence. Ask any of these people what truth they've found out and none of them will be able to explain their findings in a way which makes sense to a person who doesn't smoke.

No one knows what the purpose of reality is. Reality just is.


If you want to reach higher states of mind then I suggest that you try breathing meditation. I find it to be the easiest and most effective way of meditating. The cool thing is that it's safe and free. Why spend money to damage your mind and lungs?

If you want to find your purpose in life then talk to your school counselor about career planning. You can also see a life coach and she/he may be able to help you find your life's purpose. A career counselor and a life coach will look at your interests and talents to help you decide.


Be careful not to take drugs. Although it is not physically addictive, it is psychologically addictive. It becomes a bad habit which is difficult to break.

Some people become mentally ill from smoking it.

If you want to quit smoking it, and you live in the US, then you can find hotline numbers by clicking this link (opens in new window). Whether you live in or outside the US you can find hotline and emergency numbers in your telephone directory.

SADD (opens in new window) is also a good organization which helps teenagers with drug addictions. Such societies provide free counseling for teenagers and adults who have a drug problem. Callers are not reported to parents or police. The people there will not judge you.

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