Bullying - Its Many Forms and the Solution to It

Bullying can take on many forms. It includes:

  • Name calling
  • An abuser spreading false and hurtful rumors about you
  • Someone spreading humiliating pictures of you on social networks like Facebook and MySpace
  • When you are physically threatened so as to do what the person wants
  • Getting something taken away from you by being physically threatened
  • Being isolated from someone or from a group activity because of the abuser
  • Being humiliated, harmed or manipulated through physical or verbal abuse

The Difference between Being Teased and Being Bullied

anti bullying cartoon

The difference being teased and being bullied is the intent of the person saying those words to you. Usually, if you think that person is stronger and more powerful than you then you are not being teased. But if the person is an equal to you, then it’s most likely just harmless teasing.

Think about it this way: if you can’t tease that person back, even though you know what to say, then you are being bullied. If you think that person will beat you up or will do one of the things which I mentioned earlier then it is not teasing.

Characteristics of a Bully

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Abusers are people who try to control their peers by verbal and/or physical threats and/or abuse. They usually think that their ideas are the best ideas.

Not all bullies come from dysfunctional families. Not all bullies take drugs and get bad grades. The leading cheer lady can bully her team for example.

An abuser can come from a rich, stable family and be good at school. It’s the fact that they manipulate people through negative means that makes them abusers.

The Kind of People Who Get Abused

cartoon of a bully threatening a smaller boy

People who get bullied are timid, shy, fearful and anxious. Victims are usually people who are unable to stand up to the aggressive person. They are usually smaller in body and younger than the abuser.

Victims usually feel alone because they think that there’s no one to talk to. They usually feel shy to talk to their peers because they think their peers will judge them. They don’t want to talk to their teachers or people outside of school because they think it will get worse.

Solutions for the Abuse

If you are being bullied then why continue to suffer by not telling anyone. Talk to your teacher; a school counselor; a friend or your parents. Tell them everything that is happening and the name of the abuser. Don’t worry about being labeled. You want to get rid of the problem. This is what’s causing you pain.

If you are being physically abused then go to the police station and make a statement. The abuser will be charged with physical assault which is a crime. Don’t be afraid that they’ll hit you again. Feel free, worriless and powerful because you’ve got the law on your side. So don’t let a bully manipulate you.

Tell your parent or teacher or school counselor that you want to meet with the bully. Ask for an adult to be present. Because you have an adult to support you, you can stand up to the abuser. Tell him/her all your demands. Remember, you are not trying to make friends with the bully. You don’t want him/her to feel sorry for you because bullies don’t care what others think.

You must be strong and look the abuser in the eye. Tell him/her what you want him/her to stop doing. If you are being physically abused then tell the abuser that you will get him/her charged for assault. The abuser will see that you have power. She/ He will think twice about causing you harm again.

If it continues after that, then tell a higher authority again even if the abuser threatens you not to tell anyone. The mere fact that the abuser threatens you to not tell a higher authority shows that you have power over him/her. You control it. You can make it stop. So continue to tell.


Bullying sometimes leads teenagers to school shootings because of the pain that has built up inside the victim. School shootings are not a solution.

It also takes place at work with adults. The best solution is to report the problem to a higher authority.

group of teenagers holding a placard saying no to bullying

Most of the time an abuser has many victims besides you. You will find that reporting the abuser will get him/her expelled from school in the end. A lot of people will thank you. Some of them won’t tell you that they also were being abused. They will thank you in their hearts.

No one likes someone who makes other people unhappy. Don’t worry about being labeled. Just tell.

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