Having the Right Attitude When It Comes To Your Body Image

Body image is one of the biggest concerns that teenagers have. Issues such as acne, weight and the illusion of being perfect are often on a teenager’s mind. This article aims to give you insight on the attitude you should have when thinking about your body.

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Acne is probably the biggest concern that teenagers have. Nearly all teenagers experience acne so don’t stress. The good news is that acne eventually goes away.

I was on Roacutane when I was 19. I was so concerned about what other people thought of me. That was the delusion of being a teenager. My ex-girlfriend called me the other day – we’re now 27 – and she asked me why I was so insecure about how I looked back then. She said that although I was on Roacutane and my skin was oily and peeling, no one cared. I was still a good looking guy and she still liked me.

The truth is that people are too worried about themselves to be concerned about what you’re wearing or how you look. And when they do look at you, they are often comparing themselves to you. And when they say that you’re fat or bonny or ugly, they’re just projecting their insecurities on you. This means that there’s something which they don’t like about themselves. They tease you in order to feel good about themselves. It’s not you that’s the problem. They are their own problem. This is something that you might not understand right now, but you eventually will.

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Many women are obsessed with their body image because of this.

Teenagers who are overweight often get teased. They call you fatty or some other stupid name. Well I’ve got a trick for you. The next time they call you fat, just agree and say “Yeah I am fat hey.” Laugh with them. This is a very powerful mind trick because it’ll take away the fun from their teasing. When they see that you’re not hurt by their words then they’ll stop teasing you because it won’t be fun anymore. Try it. It works!

People’s bodies change over time. Some of the people, that I know, who were overweight in high school, have now gotten rid of their “baby fat” now that we’re in our mid-twenties.

The Media

A lot of teenagers are hung up on their body image because of the media.

The truth is that the people in the magazines, music videos and movies starve themselves to look that way. A lot of the models and celebrities that you see in the magazines and movies are very unhappy and have psychological problems because of the pressure from their jobs. They have to look “perfect” so that they can keep being the “in” thing.

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We put pressure on the celebrities because we won’t buy their stuff or watch their movies if we don’t think they’re “cool”, “hot” and “perfect”. And since they know this, they starve themselves and eat unhealthy diets in order to keep their jobs.

And then we not realizing that we are the ones putting this pressure on them, we look up to them and we obsess about our body image because we want to be “perfect” like them. So we put pressure on ourselves. And so what happens is that there’s this cycle of delusion on being “perfect”.

There Is No Perfect

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If you went up to Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt or Will Smith and you asked them if they’re happy with their bodies I can guarantee you that all of them will say no. They would name more than 5 things that they don’t like about their bodies. Apparently Brad Pitt’s has got skin imperfections and people still think he’s good looking.

There is no perfect. If you keep thinking that there is then you’re only hurting yourself. This means that your body image is not aligned with reality.

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Don’t Compare Yourself

If there’s one sure way to hate yourself, it’s to compare yourself to others. “I’m better looking than him.” “I’ve got bigger breasts than her.” “She’s hotter than me.” “I wish I had blond hair like her.”

When you think that you’re worse than someone, it decreases your self-esteem and you get self-hate.

When you think you’re the same as someone, you give up your uniqueness.

When you think you’re better than someone, you develop a fault-finding mind and you’re guaranteed to find someone who you’ll think is better than you in some way. You’ll try to find something in that person that you think they don’t have –a crazy way of living. All of these are delusions that lead to self-hate.


Your body is unique and special. It should not be compared to some standard. There is no standard because no one looks the same.

If you’re big, then you’re big. If you’re small, then you’re small. If you don’t have smooth skin, then you don’t have smooth skin. Focus on what you’ve got because you can’t have it all. Have a positive mind about your body image. No one is perfect. Work with, not on, the body you have.

Never compare yourself to others. There’s no perfect!

There’s a saying which goes a little something like this:

When you’re 13 you think everyone’s thinking about you. When you’re 40, you don’t care what anyone thinks of you. When you’re 80, you realize that nobody was thinking about you.

Love yourself and other people will love you.

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