Everything You Need To Know About Anorexia

Anorexia is the self starvation that glamor-hungry women inflict upon themselves. They are obsessed with thinness. It affects teenagers because some girls want to have thin bodies like their celebrity role models. It can be simply defined as the relentless pursuit of thinness.

About half of anorectics have bulimia as one of their symptoms. These people are called bulimic anorectics.

It usually affects women not men.

What Is It?

It implies a loss of appetite due to a nervous condition. The anorectic is obsessed with food. She craves it, but stubbornly refuses to eat or retain it. Without treatment, anorexia can lead to complicated illnesses and eventually death.

anorectic model


Anorexia can be traced back to the eleventh century. A Persian doctor wrote about how he successfully treated a young prince with the illness.

During the Middle Ages, anorectics were thought to be possessed by evil spirits.

A British doctor called Sir William Gull finally named the disorder in 1874. It is not a new thing.

Diagnostic Criteria

  • Intense fear of becoming fat, even as weight loss continues
  • Wrong view of body image e.g. feeling fat after eating
  • Loss of more than 25% of original body weight
  • Wanting to lose more weight even though the ideal weight goal has been achieved
  • When there’s no physical illness that would account for the weight loss
anorectic girl looking at herself in the mirror

The Attitude of an Anorectic

An anorectic acts like a hostile, stubborn tyrant over her body. This negative attitude affects her entire family.

She won’t eat no matter how hungry she is. She won’t eat even when encouraged or threatened to eat.

An anorectic acts like drug addict. She denies that she has a problem.

She enjoys refusing food and losing weight.

She is encouraged to continue because she feels proud of herself when she looks in the mirror. She is afraid of gaining weight. She views her body as an enemy. Her starvation is her revenge upon her hated body.

Physical Side Effects

At first, the anorectic’s senses feel sharpened. She feels alive and has lots of energy. But this energy only lasts a short while. As time goes by, it has negative effects on her body:

  • She losses her period
  • Her scalp hair begins to fall out
  • Her blood pressure lowers
  • Her pulse slows down
  • Her body starts to feed off its muscle tissue including that of the heart and other vital organs
  • She eventually becomes so weak that she can’t keep her head up


These are pretty much the symptoms that the doctors look for when diagnosing for anorexia.

Eating disorders usually start in the teenage years. This is because some teenagers are teased about their body weight.

Research shows that girls are mostly affected by eating disorders. Girls look up to celebrities who have what they think are “perfect” thin bodies.

It is important to realize that it may lead to serious illnesses because the immune system is weakened. Anorexia eventually leads to death. A person dies of starvation after six to eight weeks.

If you have a friend or a child who has the symptoms and criteria listed above, then send that person to a hospital or clinic. They will receive physical as when as psychological help. Remember…anorectics won’t admit they have a problem. It is up to you to look for these symptoms and get help for the anorectic.

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