Teenagers have a lot to deal with...

Most teenagers, including you, have a lot of fun during this stage of life. But life as an adolescent can also have its challenges. There's school to worry about; pressure to be popular and cool; and parents who are always telling you what you can't do. And let's not even talk about getting zits every day. You might think that somehow things would be better if you were an adult.

This is where this website comes in! It is mainly for you, the teenager. You won't find any kind of judgement about what you're like or any attempt to spin you some kind of agenda. It just serves up clear and balanced info about issues central to your life and leaves the smart moves up to you.

You'll get a good understanding of issues affecting adolescents by reading this site. You'll also get a different perspective on how to solve and overcome common teenage problems and challenges.

Parents who are looking for information on how to better understand and help their teenager will also find value by reading this site. However, I did say that this website is mainly for adolescents. ;)

Also, don't be fooled by the name, this website is not for nerds. It's for adolescents who want to solve real life problems and help other adolescents solve their problems, and become life wise in the process.

You'll find info about bullying, adolescent depression, teen eating disorders, marijuana, smoking, having a stepmom or stepdad etc.

However, this website is not just about solving problems. You'll also get to read some interesting articles on teen dating, teen love, sex before marriage...

I've tried to keep the lecturing to a minimum.

The purpose of this website is to smarten you up about the realities of life, not to teach you math. ;)

Think of this website as the cool older brother or sister that you never had, who would tell you everything you want to know about life.

There's plenty to learn here.

Ok, enough with the introduction...enjoy reading Smart-Teenagers.

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